Arctic Booking provide tourists, a comprehensive and inviting overview of activities and accommodation options from the member companies close to Tromsø. Emphasis will be placed on creating a web portal where it is easy to get an overview, as well as booking accommodation and activities. It will also be possible to sew packages for private guests and companies with a rorbu and 2 activities minimum.

Package tailored for company and tourist

We tailor package of activities for everyone.

Packages activities come with special offers. They can connect the various companies together and give tourists a comprehensive offer. It is an important part of Arctic Booking. Companies can naturally complement each other. And in the same way, they come join tourists also for an even better experience.

Arctic Booking’s Logo

This logo should symbolize:

  • Fish
  • Northern Lights
  • Undulating sea
  • Unforgettable moment / experience to live once in a lifetime
Hiking Tour in autumn at Kaldfjord

The best experiences in the Arctic tailored

by Arctic Booking at Ersfjordbotn

Our Activities