Fjord Experiences

Experience the fjords and the beautiful surroundings by boat. With or without a guide, you will feel the fresh arctic breeze, you will enjoy to be surrounded by huge moutains, and a lot of wildlife.

Welcome in Northern Norway, for a while or for life!

Admire the corner from the sea side with a fjord cruise; become a fisherman for a day; or enjoy a boat's life for a family-friendly day or week!

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Best Seasons:February-september
Popular Location:Ersfjorden, Tromsø

Fjord Experiences

Diving activity at Ersfjordbotn, Norway


Fjord & Sea

Ok now with some days in the corner of Tromsø, you know quite well how the reliefs looks like, how the traditional architecture is also. But what ...

from kr 1.900
Jet ski : Where to rent around Tromsø?

Jet Ski Rental

Fjord & Sea

Our fantastic fjord, the Ersfjorden, is the best to skip across the bays with accelerations and top speeds. Sometime flat as a lake, sometime ...

from kr 500
Sea fishing around Tromsø

Fishing Tour

Fjord & Sea

Experience the fjords and the beautiful surroundings. Visit the best fishing grounds and try to become a fisherman for a day: that is our ...

from kr 1.700
Fishing Tour with Arctic Booking, from Ersfjordbotn

Rent a boat

Fjord & Sea

Arctic Booking provides you a small motorboat to visit on your own the surroundings. All year long the light here is stunning. When the sun is ...

from kr 1.600