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Most Commun FAQ

About the Rorbu

How many people can stay in a Rorbu?

Arctic Booking rents a Rorbu for 1 to 5 people. The price shown is for 2 people. In regards to accommodation for 3 to 5 people, the extra cost is kr 200,- per person. So for each extra bed we charge additional kr 200,- per day. All prices listed include 10% VAT and include electricity expenses, internet access, bedding, towels and cleaning.

How many rorbu are available at your location?

All year long, we offer 6 rorbu to rent. 3 of them are in the 1st floor, 3 others are in the 2 nd floor without elevator provided.

Is there any package if I want to book a rorbu and some activities?

For sure, we tailor for you packages with a rorbu and 2 activities minimum. Don’t hesitate to call us to make it possible!

About activities

What is the best to explore from Ersfjordbotn?

Depending if you are looking for discovering from the vantage of a mountaintop or a deepest water. Following the seasons, we organize several tailored activities which suits for everyone, without any skills required. Our guides adapts the tour with their guests. 

In one hand, during summer, diving, hiking, fishing and renting a jet ski are the best. In another hand, for wintertime, we advise you to meet the Northern Lights with us, or to visit the Kvaløya island by day with our mini-bus.

About Northern Norway

What should I have to bring in my luggage if I want to be confortable outside in Northern Norway?

Our climate here is quite stable. From winter to summer, we have only 30°C of amplitude. 

But with the wind, during winter, you can meet the -25°C, specially during the night when you chase the Northern Lights, or during the day when you are fishing far from the coast! To avoid to be cold, we suggest you the following way to dress you. Layer your clothing so that you can easily regulate your temperature by removing or adding layers: 

– A first wool layer from your feet to your head: socks or tights, legging, long-arm tee shirt, gloves, scarf and a hat!

– Supply it with layers of warm and dry sweaters and jackets

During summer, we use also here to be dressed with summer wool, summer hats, summer down-jackets and summer gloves! Specially during May and June which are wet and still cold. After, until september, it is easier, but never forget your wind/waterproof jacket and some thin layer underwear which are usually required on the mountaintop!

Check the weather before coming with our favorite forecast website: YR.

Any Questions?

Feel free to write us any other questions you have! It will be a pleasure to call you back or to e-mail you our best feedback… And of course don’t hesitate to have a look on our main activities’ page…maybe the answer is inside!